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Dancespirit 2016

"There is a wonderful Peasant Pas de Deux danced in Naples by a glowing pair of dancers, Damian Zamorano and Samantha Hope Galler." Miami City Ballet's production of Giselle.


"Samantha Hope Galler was as big and sweet as the harp music she danced to."

Leigh Witchel, Balanchine's Raymonda Variations:


"Samantha Galler is one of Alabama Ballet's emerging talents....In short, she has worked her beautifully pointed feet to the bone. Now, it's her turn to shine."

Michael Huebner,

"But it is here where Alabama Ballet's principals began to shine. As Lilac Fairy, Samantha Galler exhibited exquisite technique, her outstretched limbs supple, yet tautly controlled." -

Michael Huebner,

"Ramping up the energy level even more, “Tarantella” put Samantha Galler and Trevor Felixbrod through the paces in a virtuosic display of fouettes, jumps ..."

Michael Huebner,

"The lead role of Nikiya showcased Samantha Hope Galler's delicacy and classical line." 
La Bayadere 2014: 

Rachel Hellwig,


"Samantha Hope Galler stood out for her tender and lyric approach to the role of the Rancher's Daughter." 
Rodeo 2014:

Rachel Hellwig,