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2014                 Miami City Ballet - A.D., L. Lopez

2022-----          Principal Soloist

2018                 Soloist

2014                 Corps de ballet


2009-2014       Alabama Ballet: A.D., T. Alvey, Associate A. D., R. V. Fleteren

2012                 Principal

2010                 Company Artist

2009                 Apprentice


2008-2009       Cincinnati Ballet: A.D., Victoria Morgan


Ballet Training:


2004-2008       The Boston Ballet School: A.D., M. Tracey/D. Miles Burger

                          Scholarship Student

                          Vaganova, Balanchine Style

                          Modern, Character


1995-2006        Ballet Academy Inc.: A.D., F. Cavicchio Kotelly

                           Scholarship Student



1998 – 2003     Northeast Youth Ballet: A.D., Denise Cecere



Summer Dance Training:


2011                  The Boston Conservatory Summer Dance Program

                           Suarez, G. de Marco, A. del Saz, T. Moricz

                           Modern, Contemporary: Forsythe, Nikolais/Louis


2004-2009        Boston Ballet Summer Dance Program

                           A.D., M. Tracey

                           American style also known as the Balanchine style, RAD

                           Dance History, Nutrition, Athletic Training


01', 02’, 10’      Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

                           A.D., M. Dale Weary, Director

                           Ballet, Dance History, Nutrition, Athletic Training



T. Alvey, P. Ballard, N. Bielski, C. Bruce, D. Carney, E. Ellison, R. Van Fleteren, J. Gardner, D. Hoover, R. Kaiser, F. Kotelly, L. Lopez, K. Mitchell, V. Morgan, T. Moricz, H. Muir, M. Nissinen, H. Pickett, R. Reyes, M. Tracey, A. del Saz, R. Sosenko, B. Thornton, T. Vives


Master Classes:


E. Aliev, P. Alosa, F. Bujones, E. Cisneros, J. Elo, Jean-Pierre Frohlich, L. Godfrey, A. Houghland, E. Kudo, J. Lang, B. Mathis, A. Mckerrow, S. Pilarre, A. Randazzo, S. Schorer, D. Shultze


Awards and Scholarships:

2008                  Graduate of the Boston Ballet School

2008-2009        Cincinnati Ballet

                            Anthony Albano and K. Ann Choe–Albano Fellowship 

2007-2008        Boston Ballet School PAO Merit Scholarship 

2006                  National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts

                           Honorable Mention Award in Ballet

                           Top 5% of auditioning U.S High School Seniors

Higher Education


2009-2015      University of Phoenix

                         B.S. in Environmental Science

Performance Career

Miami City Ballet, 2014-Present

  • România: A. Rose: World Premiere

  • Jewels: G. Balanchine: Emeralds Principal, Emeralds Pas de Trios, Ruby, Diamond Demi-Soloist

  • Swan Lake: A. Ratmansky: Swan Queen, Pas de Trois, Polish, Waltz Couple, Two Solo Swans

  • ViVa: A. H. Garner: Principal Female (World Premiere Digital Commission in collaboration with PTADC)

  • I’m Old Fashioned: J. Robbins: Lazy Pas de deux, On Pointe Pas de deux

  • Symphonic Dances: A. Ratmansky

  • Dances at a Gathering: J. Robbins: Mauve

  • Concerto Barocco: G. Balanchine: Corps de ballet

  • Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 2: G. Balanchine: Demi-Soloist

  • Company B: P. Taylor: “Another You”

  • George Balanchine's The Nutcracker: The Sugarplum Fairy, Lead Spanish, Demi Flower, Snow, Marzipan

  • La Valse: G. Balanchine: 1st Pas de deux, Corps de ballet

  • Concerto DSCH: A. Ratmansky: Soloist Couple, Corps de ballet

  • One Line Drawn: World Premiere: B. Brooks

  • Theme and Variations: G. Balanchine: Soloist

  • In the Night: J. Robbins: staged by J.P Frohlich: Couple 2

  • The Cage: J. Robbins: staged by J.P Frohlich

  • West Side Story Suite: J. Robbins: staged by J.P. Frohlich: Jet “Cool”

  • Allegro Brillante: G. Balanchine (Jacob's Pillow 85th Anniversary Festival)

  • Carousel Pas de Deux: Sir Kenneth MacMillan: staged by Stacey Caddell: Louise

  • Serenade: G. Balanchine: Russian Girls

  • Giselle: Coralli/Perrot: Peasant Pas de Deux, Friend, Wili

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: G. Balanchine: staged by Sandra Jennings: Hermia, Act II Divertissement, Fairy

  • Swan Lake: G. Balanchine: Pas de Neuf Soloist, Swan Corps de ballet

  • La Source: G. Balanchine, Corps de ballet

  • Paul Taylor's Sunset: P. Taylor: Company Premiere

  • Year of the Rabbit: J. Peck

  • Bourrée Fantasque: G. Balanchine: 1st Movement Corps de ballet, 2nd Movement Soloist

  • Viscera: L. Scarlett: Soloist

  • Mercuric Tidings: P. Taylor: staged by P. Corbin

  • Sweet Fields: T. Tharp: staged by A. Brady

  • Carmen: R. Alston: staged by Richard Alston/Amanda Elyes: Cigar Girl

  • Symphony in Three Movements: G. Balanchine: Tall Girl

  • Raymonda Variations: G. Balanchine: Harp Variation

  • Romeo and Juliet: J. Cranko: staged by J. Bourne: Tarantella, Party Guest


Alabama Ballet, 2009-2014

  • Romeo and Juliet: Choreo./Staged by V. Fleteren: Juliet, Rosaline

  • Unravelled: Choreo/Staged by V. Fleteren: Principal 

  • La Bayadere: M. Petipa: staged by R. V. Fleteren: Nikiya

  • Sechs Tanze: J. Kylian: staged/cast by S. Esseboom

  • Allegro Brillante: G. Balanchine: staged/cast by D. Hoover: Principal Female, Corps de ballet

  • Tarantella: G. Balanchine: staged/cast by D. Hoover: Principal Female

  • Rodeo: A. de Mille: staged by P. Sutherland: Ranchers’ Daughter

  • Romancing Rachmaninov: Choreo/Staged V. Fleteren: Principal (world premiere)

  • The Sleeping Beauty: M. Petipa: staged by T. Alvey: Lilac Fairy, Serenity Fairy, Silver Fairy  

  • George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker: staged/cast by D. Hoover: The Sugarplum Fairy, Arabian, Lead Marzipan, Snow, Flower, Party Guest, Demi Flower, Marzipan

  • La Sylphide: A. Bournonville: staged by T. Alvey: Sylph, Effy, Demi Sylph

  • Alice in Wonderland: Choreo/Staged by V. Fleteren: Tigerlily

  • Choreographer's Workshop: Choreo by K. Bennett: Beauty in Thanatos, Weighted Rhetoric: M. Fothergill

  • Swan Lake: Petipa: Swan Queen, Pas de Trios, Big Swan

  • Paquita: Petipa: 2nd variation

  • Three Virgins and a Devil: A. de Mille: The Greedy One

  • The Lilac Garden: A. Tudor: staged by A. Mckerrow and J. Gardner: Caroline

  • Giselle: Petipa: Myrtha: Queen of the Willis, Moyna: lead Willi, Friend

  • Dracula: V. Fleteren: Party Guest

  • Serenade:  G. Balanchine: staged and cast by D. Hoover: Dark Angel, Corps de ballet

  • Rooster:  C. Bruce: Lady Anne

  • Don Quixote: Petipa: Mercedes, Dryad Queen, Dryad Soloist

  • Shostakovich: V. Fleteren: Principal


The Boston Conservatory, Summer 2011

  • Forsythe Technique: choreographed by T. Moricz

  • Nikolais/Louis Technique: Square Root: choreographed by Alberto D. Saz

  • Etudes: choreographed by H. Lander: staged by: A. Suarez, G. D. Marco


Cincinnati Ballet, 2008-2009

  • Giselle: staged by D. Carney: Act II:  Willis

  • Graceland: choreographed by V. Morgan: music by Paul Simon

  • Bolero: choreographed by V. Morgan

  • Myth: Guest Artist: Ballet Tech: choreographed by J.Goodlett: Pegasus, Pandora’s Box

  • Peter Pan: choreographed by S. Webre: Indian Maiden, Pirate Wenches, Lost Boy

  • The Nutcracker: choreographed by V. Caniparoli: Snow, Flower, Mirliton, Marie Doll

  • Dracula: choreographed by D. Carney: Night Creature, Dracula’s Daughter, Engagement Guest

  • Discarded Spider: Art by Carlos Amorales:  Living Installation Art Exhibit, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center


The Boston Ballet School, 2006-2008

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: choreographed by G. Balanchine, staged by Sandra Jennings:  Court Dancer, Epilogue Fairy, Hound Dog

  • The Nutcracker: cast by M. Nissinen to perform: Sugar Plum Attendant, Mirliton Shepherdess, Snow, Flower

  • BBII ON STAGE: In Studio: Excerpts from Raymonda, Graduation Ball: Soloist

  • Pointe Off: choreographed by: Jormo Elo

  • Walpurgisnacht: Spring Graduation Showcase: Demi Soloist

  • Four Temperaments:  choreographed by. G. Balanchine: Third Theme, Devil’s Dance

  • Ensemble Group: staged by Eldar Aliev: Fairy Doll Pas de Trois; Le Corsaire: Jardin Anime: soloist


Boston Ballet Summer 2004-2009

  • Who Cares?: Principal, staged by M. Tracey and R. Kaiser

  • The Dream: Titania, staged by D. Shultze and L. Godfrey

  • Sleeping Beauty: Grande Valse, staged by D. Shultze and L. Godfrey

  • Allegro Brillante: staged by M. Tracey and R. Kaiser

  • Divertimento #15 and Serenade: staged by J. Glaze


Ballet Academy Inc., 2005

  • Bluebird Pas de Deux: with Luca Sbrizzi, Boston Ballet II

  • The Sleeping Beauty: choreographed by Marius Petipa: Aurora's Variation, Lilac Fairy

  • Les Patineurs: choreographed by F. Ashton: Pas de Deux


Northeast Youth Ballet, 1998-2003

  • The Nutcracker: D. Cecere: Dew Drop Fairy, Snow Queen, Kissing Doll, lead Mirliton, Chinese, Marie

  • Peter and the Wolf: Boston Musica Viva: The Bird

  • A Boston Cinderella: Original ballet by B. Hoffer, Boston Musica Viva: Summer Fairy

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